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Join the hilariously funny #relationship #advice livestream show #RELATIONSHIP #ADVICE TUESDAY! hosted by veteran advice columnist Deborrah Cooper. Deb responds to dating and relationship advice questions submitted by channel visitors in REAL TIME, no rehearsal, no practice.

This is how it works for this advice questions and answer show: Men and women from all over the world submit their questions seeking advice on new dating relationships, FWBs, long-term relationships and marriages, family drama, parenting children, dealing with parents co-workers and siblings, careers, divorces, child discipline, anger management, boundaries, codependent women and narcissistic men, vetting men, first date manners, and how to become a more confident person are all addressed.

The relationship advice letters are collected, and arranged in a document by production assistant Candace. Deb reads the question out loud to the viewers, then responds off the cuff using her vast stores of knowledge and life experience as only someone with 30 years in the advice field can do. Some of the advice given is deadly serious, then again some of what you will hear is outrageously funny and straight out of a comedy show. You just never know WHAT is going to come out of Deb’s mouth!

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0:00:00 – Welcome and Introduction to Relationship Advice Tuesday
0:04:00 – I’m not sure if my friend is a true friend or a frenemy Deb!
0:11:08 – A grown man texting to ask me out then expecting me to pay for the date?
0:28:04 – Why won’t he give me my things back after we broke up?
0:30:13 – She used to make a big deal about my birthday but today she ignored me
0:33:34 – My boyfriend is sweet, but the bedroom action is WHACK!
0:42:55 – Finding my father daughter relationship frustrating and painful
0:48:32 – Married guy at my job said he always wanted to date a woman like me, ugh!
0:54:58 – DC men ask me out on the street and I hate it! How should I respond?
0:58:13 – 32 y/o boyfriend of 3 years liking and following an 18 year old teenager!
1:02:11 – Girlfriend of just 5 months pressuring me to get married!
1:06:09 – Adult son has ridiculous entitlement and anger management issues
1:12:23 – My 5 year old daughter said she loves Dad who abandoned her not me
1:18:46 – Married 1 year I’m already sick of him expecting ME to manage everything!
1:24:59 – I gave him a second chance because I liked him and saw potential
1;29:10 – Suddenly after 3 years together, my boyfriend has super fonky breath
1:33:12 – FWB suddenly started introducing me as his girlfriend so I broke it off
1:37:44 – Guy I’m seeing has started seeing someone else too
1:39:49 – I fear that COVID lockdown has pushed one of my friends into mental illness
1:44:01 – Would like to date but feel I don’t bring much to the table right now
1:47:39 – I don’t have much experience with women, so I’m not sure if she is interested…
1:55:55 – Need help figuring out why I keep dating the wrong guys
2:06:25 – Brother is only 14 but misbehaves with my Mom and hits me
2:15:55 – I have a date with beautiful girl, but her lack of texting makes me lose excitement

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