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updated: 05-2021

Statistics ,data ,trends are a great way to gauge the changes and its effects in every domain- INCLUDING Relationships! This is why this video is fascinating because in the end, it is about understanding from a analytical point of view what is happening in our society.

My name is Ragini. This project is called the Alpha Female where we are maximizing the love all of have within us to better our relationships, and also ourselves.
This is a message of self-empowerment and happiness.

In this video I am sharing information like:

0:21 – How many people are having sex in India? and at what age?
1:25 – How many people are using dating apps? Paid? Unpaid?
2:25 – How many young adults support the concept of live-ins in India? Which is best place to try live in?
3:22 – How many married couples cheat on their partners in India?
4:12 – How many people believe a long lasting relationship is needed for happiness?

Trying to spread relationship awareness!
All my Love,

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