SAS EMEA Hackathon 2020

Finaps participated in the SAS EMEA Hackathon. Together with Port of Amsterdam, we worked on a great case to improve sustainability. The topic we chose for this challenge was to visualize and optimize traffic in the Amsterdam waterways.

The challenge:

Port of Amsterdam (PoA) currently has enormous amounts of data regarding ships in the Amsterdam waterways. However, they lack specific insights about, but not limited to, the emission and pollution from those ships. PoA refers to this as their ‘blind spot’ in their understanding of the Amsterdam waterways. PoA has the ambitious goal to improve sutainability and be emission free by 2030. Thus, using data to obtain insights is crucial.

The first step in removing these ‘blind spots’ is visualizing the current situation in the Amsterdam waterways. Questions such as, “How much CO2, NOx and particulate matter are emitted, and where?” must be answered. Furthermore, PoA wants to optimize the flow of traffic through the waterways, while taking into account their main goals: safety, speed, and sustainability. We will help them to visualize and optimize traffic in the Amsterdam waterways and help PoA to actively shape their policies to reach their goals.