Sex, Dating, Relationships, Polyamory, and the Game of Desire ft. Shan Boodram | Simplexity podcast in 2022

updated: 05-2022

Sex, Dating, Relationships, Intimacy, Polyamory and the Game of Desire ft. Shan Boodram | Simplexity podcast

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Sexologist Shan Boodram and host Alyson Stoner get extremely vulnerable about their sexual backstories and relationship histories as they discuss her expertise in improving dating and compatibility, finding your flirting and seduction styles, understanding polyamory, our sex education system, what a country’s porn says about their society, discovering your sexual identity, making better connections, the Commitment Quiz and more.

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Shan’s book The Game of Desire is available now.

Written, Directed, Co-Produced, Performed by Alyson Stoner
Produced by Studio71

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