SINGLES Q&A | Sex, Dating Married Men, Celibacy, Counselling, Date night Ideas, Controlling Men?

Hi DekuFam,

Thanks for all your questions. We tried to get through all of them, from contentment while single, to sex and dating. We can’t wait to do another one!

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Why do we say hey “Deku Fam” at the beginning of every video?
#DekuFam is made up of two words, Deku which is our last name and Fam which is short for family.
Our subscribers (ie. you) are the DekuFam. You are our extended online family who we aim to take on our life journey and lessons.

What countries are we from?
Gabes is Ghanaian, Anna is half Tanzanian and half Nigerian. However, we were both born in the UK and currently live in London.

Did we really wait until marriage to have sex?
Haha, yes! We can’t believe it either. We have videos discussing the whole process

Gabes face seems familiar…
A snippet of our wedding video went viral because Gabes was crying. See the full #DekuWedding2016 and find out why he was crying via the playlist below