Strict Rules of The 100 Cast You NEED To Hear | The Catcher in 2022

updated: 05-2022

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The 100 is officially over, you guys! All we are left to do is to recap the good times and expose some on-set secrets and the 100 details! Do showrunners control the relationships between castmates in the 100 season 7? How did online trolls almost lead Bob Morley (Bellamy Blake) to want to end his life? And why were some of the 100 cast cancelled? Today The Catcher is unveiling all the shocking The 100 behind the scenes. The Hundred cast had to follow many rules to keep their roles making their life tough. The 100 finale brought us some bittersweet moments and the return of our favorite characters. But one thing for sure – not all made a return. And here is why! Whenever the actor gets into some drama they are basically cancelling their role. The showrunners were pretty clear about keeping their record clear. That’s why Raven lost her boyfriend played by actor Steve Talley along the way. The star made some questionable comments and got himself written out of the CW script. Watch the video to find out what he actually said. Another strict rule the cast had to follow was to keep their personal life out of the teen series. And that one was a tough one apparently! Richard Harmon (Murphy) began dating his co-star and is siblings with another! Can you believe it? On top of that, on screen Bellarke (Clarke and Bellamy) between Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley brought some drama to set. While filming the series, the actor actually had a girlfriend before dating the 100 Clarke actress Eliza Taylor. The cheating scandal went public but the CW network let that one slide. After that, Taylor (Clarke Griffin) and Morley (Bellamy) kept their relationship a secret to maintain privacy and avoid any possible drama. And if you managed to get along with everyone and keep yourself out of any scandal, you still gotta bring your A-Game to the show! Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake) revealed in one of the behind the scenes the 100 interviews that she is a big adrenaline junkie but despite all that she almost got herself injured with a spear! What else would you like to know about the 100? Subscribe for more stories from celebrities and as always thanks for watching!
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