The 100 Cast: What’s Next For Them? |⭐ OSSA in 2022

updated: 05-2022

Who would co-produce if The 100’s prequel were to be picked up?! Who will next star in CW’s “Walker, Texas Ranger” reboot? And whose new leading role is alongside Tom Holland?

The 100 is one of those shows we wished would never end, right? Not everyone is ecstatic about how The 100 Season 7 panned out (read: the destiny of Bellarke)! Still, there’s no denying it. We miss the cast already!

We’re sure it’s not a forever goodbye, but that we’ll meet them again soon. Albeit in different roles!
Let’s check out all the exciting The 100 cast plans!

Real-life married couple, Eliza Taylor (Clarke) and Bob Morley (Bellamy), haven’t made their upcoming projects official yet. But they’ve been really busy with another shared passion project. And also grieving a recent shared tragedy, so it’s understandable.

How is Marie Avgeropoulos planning on taking Octavia with her into the future? (the 100 where are they now) Richard Harmon (John Murphy) already have a few sinister projects lined up. His dating life is looking rosy! Luisa D’Oliveira (Emori) is also taking it slow, and missing her fellow cast members!

Now for the burning question! What are the chances of seeing a The 100 prequel, after we got The 100 “Anaconda” episode? Watch our video to find out. What we DO know, is that Lindsey Morgan (Raven) just might have a hand in it should it happen.

Tasya Teles (Echo) might be moving into a different direction than acting. And Emmy-nominated Adina Porter (Indra) will reprise her horror-ific roles. We haven’t even gotten to the young Lola Flanery (Madi) yet! Stay tuned to hear more about her and Tati Gabrielle’s (Gaia) plans (The 100 future projects).

Here’s to hoping you enjoy our video about The 100 cast what’s next!

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