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Vanessa broke up with her ex around six months ago, and only now, after going through a lot of emotional turmoil, did she feel ready to dip her toes into the water and start dating again. Her friends were all dating men they’d met online, and Vanessa thought the Internet would be a good place to start. That was how she met Carl.

After being online for only a couple of days, Vanessa saw Carl’s profile and was instantly impressed. Carl looked confident and sophisticated. And when they got around to chatting online, Vanessa found him easy to talk to.

When Vanessa met Carl in person, however, she was instantly disappointed. Where was the confident man she had met online? In the flesh, Carl was neither funny nor charming.

He was clearly out of shape, something his profile pictures did well to conceal, and his elegant turn of phrase had been replaced by the rambling stutter of a man who was insecure around women. Even though Vanessa was attracted to Carl online, her impression of him now was nothing short of disappointing.

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