The Merrell Twins Give the BEST Dating Advice to Fans | Dating Questions

updated: 06-2021

Veronica and Vanessa Merrell aka the Merrell twins are the sisters you wish you had. They’re hilarious, stylish, and as it turns out, SO great at giving dating advice. We asked fans to submit all their biggest dating and crush questions, and the Merrell twins dished out all the advice they could come up with. From what do if your crush likes your sister (a true nightmare), what to do when you freeze up in front of your crush, and so much more, the twins know exactly what to do in almost every situation. What dating question would you ask the Merrell twins?!

Want answers to a specific question, timecodes below:

0:21 What should I do if my crush likes my sister?
1:34 I act like a smushed potato around my crush! The only way I feel I can talk to him is if I could text him. How do I get his number?
2:46 What would you say are the most clear signs that someone has lost interest?
3:26 What’s the best way to introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend to your parents?
4:02 I’m dating this guy and I don’t really have feelings for him anymore but he really, really likes me. How do I tell him I want to break up without hurting his feelings too much?
5:34 My best friend has a guy friend who made it seem like he liked her but then he started dating someone else! Now they hardly ever talk. What’s the best way to help my friend get over this?
6:33 How do you know if you’re texting your crush too often?
8:27 What is the worst thing you could ever do while on a date?
9:26 Is it alright to talk to your ex just as a friend if you’re single?
11:17 Any advice for your first kiss?
12:02 My crush asked me to prom! But now there is no prom because of social distancing. What can I do to still have a special night with him and make sure he doesn’t lose interest even though we can’t see each other? We’re seniors and won’t be in the same place next year.

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