Three Ways To Spot A Fake Rolex, According To A Watch Expert

Business Insider spoke with Joe McKenzie, CEO & co-founder of luxury retailer Xupes, about how to reveal if a Rolex watch is fake or not. We had bought a fake online for £50 and asked McKenzie to compare our Rolex to an authentic piece.

McKenzie says that looking for serial numbers on the case, checking for the brand logos on the buckle of the watch, and looking if the watch hand is “sweeping” and not “ticking,” as that is the easiest and most obvious give away too if it is a genuine piece. 

NOTE: Not all Rolexes have a sweeping movement. Joe was talking about the watch in question when mentioning the movement, and not all Rolexes in general, as some of the older movements do have a quartz (ticking) movement.

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