Tinder Scammers ||Tinder Date Scam ||Online Dating Scam

In these video

I have exposed the Tinder dating scam

So the whole scenario was

One day I opened my “Tinder app”
Chatted with a girl

She gives me her WhatsApp Number

Also told me to meet her at the restaurant

And then we meet

And at date “She opened her purse and take outten lots of cosmetics creams products”

And told me to buy some of the them

That is the whole scam which I want to reveal
That whenever a girl called you for date

“It does not mean she is interested in you

It can also be meaningful that she wants to sell her cosmetics products or Insurance policies or any type of products

It is an old scam

And these types of scams not only happens at tinder but it also happens at
Facebook, Instagram, Happen, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, etc all online chatting apps

So be smart “Be aware of these types of scams”

Disclaimer :- I’ll don’t target any app whether it is Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, Happen, Twitter etc

My Targets are Scammers

Scammers are everywhere at YouTube also

Disclaimer for YouTube content :-
All the images and Footages are from Shutterstock
And the music and song is from Audio Library

Images and videos are Fake but Story is 100% original

Beaware of these types of scams

Thank you

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Harsh Tiwari