Tips for Improving Your Online Dating Profile in 2022

updated: 08-2022
Improve your on-line dating profile drastically with the following tips:
• YOU’RE NOT SURFING ENOUGH. Todayguys and girls who mention surfing and yoga in their profiles were also ranked among the most attractive.
• NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR EYES. Across the board, nearly half or more of men and women, gay and straight, listed their eyes as their most attractive features. Gay males scope for great arms, straight men and straight women are particularly into a tight stomach, and lesbians are into the whole package.
• STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR CATS. It brings down your attractiveness level and makes people assume you’re a crazy cat person.
• FIX YOUR GRAMMAR. Men who refer to females as “women” are more successful than those who say “girls,” yet a female who refer to herself as a “girl” fares better than those who say “woman.”
• PUT SOME CLOTHES ON. Among the profiles of top-rated men, only six percent featured shirtless profile pics.