Ukraine Online Dating Scams

updated: 05-2021

How To Identify Online Dating And Marriage Agency Scammers? What types of romance scam you can face, looking for your “second half” online? These and many other topics we will discuss in this 3 parts series with professional online dating scam expert with more than 10 years experience, Dima.

PART 2 – [

PART 3 – [

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Good morning, Dima, how are you doing today?

I’m fine! Yourself?

Good good good.. You are expertise in spotting scammers, you’re one of the industry’s foremost experts. Because you’ve been doing it since 2010, right? Spotting scammers…

Yeah that’s true, both agency scammers and professional Ukrainian/Russian women scammers. Those are two different types of scams, and we’ll discuss today how distinguish the first of the second one and how to be protected in each case.

How do you identify the two types of scammers?

First of all there’s the agency scammers and then there’s professional scammer woman.

So, would you say that if you’re paying for communication online with a girl it’s overwhelming probability that it’s a scam, is that correct?

Yes, because in fact, in case of dating site scams, most dating sites like or or they are just brokers, the middlemen between a client and local agencies. And, as local agencies, from Russia/Ukraine are uploading profiles to that website and it’s them who control all the correspondence.

All the job is done by them and so all the scams are done by them. And no one can control what is happening and, of course, most of the profiles they upload are fake. Well, those girls exist but the problem is that they are either married or they have a boyfriend or they’re not motivated. And their intentions are not pure. Basically, they’re not looking for the men or they subscribe just to make money.

Basically, what “bohema” agency does is has an employee which could be a man and he manages 25 beautiful woman profile. So, it’s actually this this person this babushka maybe or this man that you’re chatting with.

In reality, yes, if you open headhunter website (a ukrainian site where you can find job) and you go to the section of translations – it’s saturated of the ads of marriage agencies looking for english translator working hours from 10 pm to 6 a.m

Make lots of money get lots of gifts, promising salaries five times the average salary of Ukraine, so very good money.

Another problem is that, let’s say ,a local agency is trying to find a beautiful girls, who will help them to scam men. But, sometimes, real women subscribe and I can’t say that on sites like or 100% of profiles are fake, this is not true!

There is a bigger part, which are fake and those are the most beautiful girls. And there is a second part which is smaller, probably it’s women between 30 and 45, who can be real.

And the older – the probability that they’re real is higher. Like, a lady that’s 48, she’s probably real, whereas the 25 year old and drop that gorgeous, she’s probably fake.

And on these big sites, also you said, there’s an algorithm that they run that the women that pull in the most revenue they’re near the top?

Of course, they created these sites to make money. And they don’t put a babushka on the first page. You have top models in bikini, 18 year old and who reply positively to all the men who are interested.