Valentines Day Ideas – Gifts for Her and Him in 2023

updated: 02-2023

Valentine Day Datingtips and Things To Do

If you’re still single Valentine’s Day is perhaps the most terrible day of the year for you.

For days you see red hearts all around you. Storefronts are red. Everything is for sale in a heart shape.

Commercials are about love and in the street, you seem to see more and more couples.

What does a single person like you do on this day? 

Here are singles dating tips to survive Valentines Day.


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Get up
The first of many dating tips: get out of bed.

Everywhere you look, you see love.

Confronting? Maybe. You can choose to avoid it as much as possible and spend the whole day under the covers.

But that’s not the way to find your love.

Be Creative 
Use Valentine’s Day to your advantage. Leverage the originality of shops and organizations to impress your girl or boy.

Or be original yourself and ask the one you never dreamed of on a date.

Or do something completely different.

Meet someone you would not describe it as ‘your type’.

So do also something different, and keep things exciting for yourself.

Our third dating tip:

Make sure you stand out even more.

Pimp your Pepper profile.

Manage your photos and create a  mood board  in Valentine Style. Or give your collage a total makeover and upload new photos and videos.

Make sure you stand out of the crowd, because remember: Valentine’s Day is just for singles!

More dating tips to get through Valentine’s Day:

  • Don’t try to avoid the day. Everyone is talking about it and that’s okay. Approach it positively.
  • Be your own Valentine! Indulge yourself by buying a card or gift for yourself.
  • Find company. Go out with your best friends or girlfriends. There is always a reason to do fun things.
  • Prepare for next year: try online dating again. (have a look at the best dating sites at the top of this page)
  • Be optimistic and realistic.

Valentine’s Day: The 16 best ideas  for you

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to think already of something to give your loved one some extra attention.

Lovers worldwide are preparing the perfect date to surprise their partner.

The day of love is a commercial success by the explosive sales of gifts, cards and flowers in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

While many couples choose to give each other a romantic gift, a poetic and handwritten card or a bouquet of red roses, there are others who prefer to invent a magical date.

What all these lovers seek is the ultimate Valentine Experience; that one day of the year is engraved forever and indelibly in the memory.

If you’re looking for a special way to celebrate February 14 with your partner, then we have a list of choices for you.

These are the best Valentines Day ideas that range from classic to unique activities:

1. Take a nostalgic trip to the past

From the present to the past; learn the history of each by visiting the places where your partner has strong memories.

Visit the school where your partner has had lessons, the sports where they were playing sports or where your partner first kissed.

Get to know each other in a different way.

2. Do the first meeting all over again

A “new” does not need to be invented anew. What everyone likes to do is the first date yet to experience any time, even after many years.

If your memory will not let you down then you know exactly what you did when you first met and where you where at the time.

Park your car in the same spot, take the same route to the location and select the same as when drinking or eating; This is guaranteed to be a fun outing.

3. Paint each other’s body

Bodypainting is not something you quickly think of  if you want to invent something for Valentine’s Day.

It is an intimate way to get to know each other’s bodies in detail.

There are many techniques and styles to create a dazzling work of art but that is not the goal. It is the unique experience that you like yourself as you decorate each other’s bodies with paint. It can also be very erotic and sensual.

4. Hire an expensive car for a day

There is a time for saving and for spending money.

During the year put aside money for the days that it can be spent.

This is one of those days where you saved money to work for.

You need not be a millionaire to be able rent an expensive sports car that leaves all the heads turning.

Find out together what it feels like to drive such a focus puller and rent the sports car of your dreams for a day.

5. Netflix marathon

For a great Valentine’s day for a couple Netflix will be all that they need.

The term binge-watching has not become popular for nothing using this streaming service.

Order some food delicacies, open a bottle of wine and hug on the couch together.

Watch all your favorite series and go binge watching: Netflix and chill.

6. Spend the day shopping

Many shops switched to Internet-only, so there is no need to go out the door if you want to buy something.

But this has lost the charm of shopping.

With thousands of products virtually at hand, it is not surprising that we are all less go into town to see the latest collections.

Experience with your loved one how much fun shopping can be together and plan a day to go shopping together in an unfamiliar city.

7. Watch the sunset together

winter landscapeWhat could be more romantic than watching the sun go down?

Of course you can do this every day, but who does that nowadays?

Visit a public place which is located a bit higher so you have a clear view of the horizon.

During the cold days the sun is gorgeous under a different angle than in the summer months.

Take a bottle of wine, something to eat and wait for the moment the sun at disappears below the horizon.

8. Go skating

Go find a skating rink.

The nice thing about skating is that you can laugh at each other trying not to fall, but you literally come closer together if you keep standing  to cling to your partner.

Do something different with Valentines Day and put on those skates.

9. Late nights, slow mornings

The weekend following Valentine’s Day, however, is the time for a fun night out with your loved one to schedule.

Where you have all kinds a Christmas parties, the weekend of 16/18 February is fully planned with Valentine parties.



10. Cook like you never done before

If you cook every day on weekdays for your beloved, then this might not be the best option, but if you do not then you can surprise your partner with a romantic three-course dinner.

Study a number of recipes in advance, go shopping and make the best meal of your life.

Be smart and practice ahead of time for best results.

11. Plan a weekend getaway

Valentine’s Day sounds nice but why not plan aValentine’s Weekend?

A weekend is the perfect opportunity to escape the daily grind and enjoy the time with your lover without distractions.

The Mediterranean climate of Rome shines even in February, for example.

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12. Relax with a sauna day

Life is hectic and chaotic for many in which we don’t have enough time to free ourselves to relax.

A sauna day is the perfect way to let your partner’s mind and body relax on Valentine’s Day.

Never seen a sauna or spa resort on the inside?

Do not be ashamed to walk around in your birthday suit in the sauna; everyone is naked.


13. Visit a concert together

In the week of Valentine’s Day, there are several artists that give a concert; Kygo on the 13th, Imagine Dragons on the 19th and more.

The concerts of famous artists at this time probably already sold out for the week of Valentine’s Day but that does not apply to all concerts.

You can undoubtedly get two tickets to a concert that you both enjoy.

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14. Go for a walk in nature

It is perhaps a little too cold for you outside, but in the winter it is quiet time in nature.

Frogs get into the ditches to stay in the “hot” water, birds chirping and insects do not withdraw into their shells.

Winter Nature is a new experience if you’ve never seen it up close.

Maybe you have seen some Instagram winter nature photos, but it’s something else to experience it yourself.

Try it with your loved one on Valentine’s Day and walk an adventurous winter route.



15. Organize a cocktail evening

You don’t have to leave the house to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a fun way.

All you need at home is an amount of drinks, fruits and herbs to make cocktails and to give them a fresh flavor and a delicious aroma.

Make it a nice evening with your loved one, prepare  it extensively, including appropriate clothing.

16. Book an exclusive restaurant

For when all other options don’t suit you, there is still the classic reservation at an exclusive restaurant.

It might not be the most budget-friendly option, but it is almost always a guaranteed success.

Book at a restaurant that has unusual dishes to make it a night to remember.

These are the best ideas for a fun day or evening to make on 14 February.

Choose one of the options or get inspired by the ideas to come up with a unique version for yourself.

Valentine’s Day is the day when you can show your love.

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