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updated: 04-2021

Veg Manchurian (Gravy) वेज मंचूरियन ग्रेवी बाजार जैसा बनाने का सही तरीका A popular and tasty recipe which is relished by both Indian food lovers & Chinese cuisine lovers. It is a fusion of Chinese & Indian cuisine, its a gravy based Indo Chinese appetizer or main course recipe made with deep-fried vegetable balls. Generally made and served as a side dish to the fried rice or noodles but can also be served as party starter or appetizer, It is a vegetarian alternative to the meat Manchurian or chicken Manchurian for Vegans or vegetarians. The Manchurian recipe can be made in either a gravy or a dry form.
For Dry version please refer to my other video.
In this recipe, Crispy veggie dumplings are tossed in a sweet ,sour, tangy and spicy, Manchurian sauce to create a delicious and addictive dish.
the first thing that comes to mind when we have to order a Veg starter is Veg Manchurian. This super hot and spicy veg Manchurian is almost available at all restaurants & street food stalls across India. It’s a dish you’ll be treating yourself to again and again. Vegan, nut-free and can be gluten-free (use Potato Starch or Oats Flour).Follow the step by step recipe and learn to cook perfect restaurant style Veg Manchurian.

In our videos, you will find, detailed step by step recipes with tips and tricks and mistakes to avoid while cooking.
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