[VIDEO 1/10] : Core Principles of Online Dating & Texting

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Core Principles of Online Dating (for Tinder, Bumble, Instagram, etc.)

Hey guys,

Since, a lot of you have been asking for advice on online dating and text game,

And considering the lockdown situation these days…

I decided to jump into helping you out with online dating.

We’ll be doing a video series for online dating covering all the basics and revealing insights about online dating to get you started.

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In today’s video I cover the core principles of Online Dating & Text Game.

This forms the foundation of everything you do.

But, most people get this wrong.

Check out today’s video and you’ll never be making these same mistakes again.

Lemme know what you want me to cover next and what you’re struggling with when it comes to online dating or texting.

I’ll see you on Monday.

Love, 💖

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