Viral TikTok Jalapeños Takis & Cream Cheese GIANT Hot Cheetos Takis Doritos Super Crunchy MUKBANG 먹방

updated: 05-2021


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Video: Viral TikTok Jalapeños Takis & Cream Cheese GIANT Hot Cheetos Takis Doritos Dinamita Super Crunchy MUKBANG 먹방

Topic: Cannibal Butcher (Case of Katherine Knight)

Takis Jalapeno Cream Cheese:

XXTRA Hot Cheetos Jalapeno Cream Cheese:

Blue Takis Jalapeno Hot Cheeto Cream Cheese with Tajin:

Doritos Dinimita & Guacamole Takis Jalapeno Cream Cheese & GIANT Takis:

I truly feel like I am an expert in eating these now haha, I have made so many versions because you keep requesting more and I LOVE IT. Omg, without cream cheese, I honestly think it is so much better! You definitely do not need it! For those of you who cannot handle spice, GO WITH THE GUACAMOLE TAKIS! Same texture, and satisfying crunch so you will not feel left out on this trending tiktok food! Love this tiktok food a lot, and I cannot stop eating these jalapenos takis… Enjoy today’s case! It is a wild one and ends even wilder. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe! I love all your suggestions! See you next time~

– Doritos Dinimita
– Jalapenos with cream cheese and takis and doritos
– Jalapenos without cream cheese and takis and doritos
– GIANT Hot Cheetos Takis (Hot Cheetos covered taquitos with cheese and chicken filling)
– Guacamole takis

Mukbang with Him:

Mukbangs by myself:

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