Virtual BEAM Meetup GMT, August 19 – Saša Jurić – Parenting Children in 2022

updated: 05-2022

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Saša Jurić, Author of Elixir in Action hosted the talk at this month’s Meetup.

In a supervision tree, non-terminal (parent) nodes should usually be supervisors, while leaf nodes are workers powered by behaviours such as GenServer. However, it occasionally makes sense to run child processes directly under a worker process. In this talk, we’ll examine a couple of such scenarios, and discuss the mechanics of manual parenting of child processes. Finally we’ll look at an Elixir library called Parent, which can help simplifying the task of manual process parenting.

Saša is a freelancer helping companies with the adoption of Elixir. He has many years of experience building server systems, as well as desktop applications using various languages and technologies. For the past nine years, his focus has been on building backend systems using Elixir and Erlang. He is the author of “Elixir in Action”, and an occasional blogger at