What She Says When She’s Just Not That Into You | Dating Tips for Men 2020 | #FriendZone

What She Says When She’s Just Not That Into You | Dating Tips for Men 2020 | #FriendZone

As much as you may be looking for signs she likes you, it’s important to look for signs she’s just not that into you.

5 Phrases She’s Says When She’s Just Not That Into You
1. “Maybe next time.” This is a sure sign you’re in the friend zone, UNLESS…
2. “Not ready to date.” Another sign she’s not into you, UNLESS…
3. She “values your friendship.” (There’s no unless with this one, sorry dude.)
4. “Check schedule.” Nope, it ain’t gonna happen, UNLESS…
5. “No, thanks.” Ugh, here’s another one you shouldn’t wait around for!

These phrases are sure signs she only thinks of you as a friend unless …

If you want to know what the exceptions are (all those “unlesses”), watch the video to find out!

Have you heard any of these phrases from someone you were crushing on? Did I miss any?

Let me know in the comments!

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