Why I Stopped Using Tinder – The SAD Truth About Online Dating Sites

The 5 reasons why I stopped using tinder. this is the sad truth about online dating sites for men.

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Video Summary
1. It Harms Your Communication Skills 0:10
2. Relationships Don’t Last 3:21
3. 85% of women rate men as below average 4:44
4. The lying 6:42
5. The private Snapchat’s and gold digging 7:59

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About this video
In this video George from GP Lifestyle discuss why tinder is a waste of time for men and goes over his experience and the 5 reasons why you should delete tinder because tinder is destroying men’s self-esteem along with online dating and online dating sites in general so things are just meant to be done the old fashion way. so delete tinder or quit tinder for good

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