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updated: 05-2022

Join the hilariously funny relationship advice show WTF!? TUESDAY! hosted by advice columnist Deborrah Cooper. Deb responds to dating and relationship advice questions submitted by channel visitors in REAL TIME, no rehearsal, no practice.

This is how it works: Men and women from all over the world submit their questions seeking advice on new dating relationships, FWBs, long-term relationships and marriages, family drama, parenting children, dealing with parents co-workers and siblings, careers, divorces, child discipline, setting boundaries, codependent women and narcissistic men, choosing or vetting a man, how to date, and how to become a more confident person with greater confidence are all addressed.

The letters are collected, and arranged in a document by production assistant Candace. Deb reads the question out loud to the viewers, then responds off the cuff using her vast stores of knowledge and life experience as only someone with 30 years in the advice field can do. Some of the advice given is deadly serious, then again some of what you will hear is outrageously funny and straight out of a comedy show. You just never know WHAT is going to come out of Deb’s mouth!

0:00:00 Introduction
0:03:50 Boyfriend wants me to move in with him and pay $1000 in rent
0:07:49 Should I give my ex-husband a break on child support arrearages?
0:12:05 A pervert in my ZOOM college class did the unspeakable on cam…should I report it?
0:14:58 I snooped on my girlfriend’s phone and did I get a surprise!
0:19:21 My husband and first love tells me that I smell “down there” and rebuffs me
0:24:42 Younger sister hates men all of a sudden… what do you think is going on with her?
0:28:20 The chemistry was there, but he said a relative died and he needs space…
0:32:29 My teen daughter is trying my nerves about her sexual predator father…what do I do?
0:37:17 This guy just won’t leave me alone and I’m feeling anxiety
0:40:46 My husband picked up a very nasty habit and it may lead to divorce!
0:47:32 He says he needs a different woman than me…so why doesn’t he break it off?
0:53:01 My 20 year old boyfriend refuses to work or help clean, and is a total slob…
0:59:37 What types of things should we talk about on a first date?
1:02:42 If you don’t feel sparks on the first date, should you go out on a second date?
1:07:11 My girlfriend slept with four of my friends while we were broken up for a month…
1:11:48 On the fence about my connection with this guy… should I go on a second date?
1:19:27 He distanced himself from me after I had a bit of conversation with his male friend
1:28:38 Dated her 3 times but it seems she is ghosting me even though I really like her
1:23:10 Yes it was 20 years ago, but my wife makes me jealous about previous partners!
1:27:23 Sexual harassment on the job endured by women in STEM
1:37:33 My religious upbringing set me up to be in emotionally abusive relationships!
1:39:52 Engaged for 7 years, I love her but I’m not IN LOVE with her
1:43:13 I think I have exhibitionistic traits… what about my arranged marriage?
1:45:34 Can a relationship work long-term if your husband is boring as hell?
1:54:36 Show close out

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