You Are Doing Online Dating 100% Wrong

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♥ About This Video: Online dating has brought countless couples together but it has also brought many people a lot of frustration. Why do some women seem to have better luck than others when it comes to meeting the right guy online?

Is there a right and a wrong way to go about online dating? Yes!

To do it right, take advantage of all the technology has to offer! OkCupid created an algorithm designed specifically to help you find your match. Use it to find Mr. Right!

Next, send out more messages! Women are sending an average of 2-4 messages per week when they should be sending closer to 50 messages.

Once you send out your 50 of so messages, you should receive around 12 responses. Look through them and pick 1 or 2 men that you feel could be a great fit for you and go on 6-8 dates with them. During these dates, they will show you if they are right for you. Either way, you should be able to have a nice time and enjoy the experience of dating good men.

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